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Killer Whale Kills Again

Tilikum, the killer whale

killer whale kills

Killer Whale Kills…Again. As tragic as this is, it really shouldn’t be that shocking. Saying a killer whale kills…is like saying a woodpecker pecks wood. These animals are wild creatures people. Shamu is not Lassie.

Not only that but this animal has killed 2 other people. AOL News has called this a “serial killer whale”. This is apparently such a big business that people are willing to cover up 2 deaths in order to make a profit. Seaworld is a business, not a game reserve right? They have no moral or legal obligation to give these creatures the space they need. These animals are meant to roam the earth many times over. A baby orca (killer whale) will travel more in its first year of life than the average human will in 70 years.  You can’t build a bath tub big enough for one of these guys.

Dolphins maybe… killer whales the size of minivans no. Just my .02

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