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How to Get Backlinks to Your Site

Get Backlinks

Get Backlinks

How to Get Backlinks to Your Site

Here is a quick list of ways to get backlinks to your site from other sites. Well there are basically 3 main ways to generate backlinks to your website.

Those are some of the top ways in witch people go about getting links. We’ll now separate those into a black hat, gray hat, and white hat. Black hat means that they are annoying, and looked down upon. Gray Hat means they are not that annoying or illegal. White Hat means that these are what the web community publicly promotes as ways to receive backlinks.

Black Hat

  1. Spam Forums & Blogs

Gray Hat

  1. Request Link Exchanges
  2. Buy Links or Ads

White Hat

  1. Create Great Content
  2. Write Articles
  3. Make Videos
  4. Submit Sites to Directories

We will now look at these even further.

Spam Forums & Blogs
This method is evil, annoying, and has and will continue to make the internet a sometimes annoying place. We’ve all most likely spammed before, but some people do it all day long. That type of spam is not accepted. Spam Sucks.

Request Link Exchanges
This is really not that bad of a practice and effective. You should only request link exchanges from sites that are similar in niche to yours. Google frowns on this but is unlikely to penalize or catch you. Just don’t spam people with to many emails. Ask 1x, and ask in a very nice way.[Top]

Buy Links or Ads
Buying links or ads that link directly to a page is a pretty popular method for gaining some good quality links. You can pretty much pick and choose what quality of link you want. A few sites that come to mind are and

Create Great Content
Creating great content is the best way to go, but it takes awhile to work its magic. When you write content that people find interesting they post links to it elsewhere. These are all natural organic links. These are golden.

Write Articles
If you can write well then be sure to write some great articles. After these articles are listed in Google you should submit these articles to sites such as (make sure you put your link in the article and make sure to note that users can copy this article so long as they leave the link in it. This will distribute your article and link around the internet. Great way to build links.

Make Videos
If you have a voice or face for TV then you may want to consider creating some videos and placing them on youtube. Include your link info in the video either as a watermark or an actual url.

Submit Sites to Directories
Submit websites to directories. There are thousands of directories that may add your site to their content for free. The only problem is that sometimes it may take weeks or months before the directory owners will OK your content.

So this post or article should have given you some information in great detail about how to generate backlinks for your website. Be sure to bookmark and come back later for future references.