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5 Great Website Ideas

5 Great Website Ideas

Great Website Ideas

Here are 5 great website ideas I’ve thought up in the last few years, but haven’t had the time or resources to create.

1.) Social Network DoItAll
Social networking site that ties in twitter, facebook, digg, youtube, myspace, delicious, and other top social interactive sites into one account. The user creates one main account that then manages the sub accounts, any post made are then passed to the other sites.

2.) Hamster City
Set up a very nice hamster cage, and put a web cam on it. Allow visitors to the site to buy items for the hamster. These items prices should be super overinflated to cover your cost, and time. Let visitors buy the hamster extra pipes, or toys and decide where to put them.

3.) Puppy Cam
All you need is a puppy, a few toys, and a web cam for this one. People love watching puppies. Stream either screen shots or live feed of the puppy 24/7. Post photos of the puppy doing cute things with captions.


4.) Free Software Site
Build a site that allows people to download free trial software. Where do you get the software? You get it from sites like regnow and onenetworkdirect. If users decide to buy the software you then get a cut, so its a win win.

5.) Blogger Power
Create a site for bloggers to sell their services. Have bloggers sign up, and then take a small percentage of what the bloggers are paid by your visitors. Similar to payperpost.