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Will Google Take Over the World?

Google Domination

Google Domination

Will Google Take Over the World? With this question in mind I think about that movie Wall-E where everything is owned by a fictional company called Buy n Large. This company is more a parody of “Wall-Mart” obviously, but this level of dominance is the point in question.

In my opinion the simple answer is no. It’s an easy answer since it’s never happened. Now the fact that 75% of our internet searches and by proxy 75% of our questions are answered by Google does seem a bit alarming.

The Google OS based off of Google Chrome is supposed to come out soon. I’ve embedded a bit of video that they’ve put out detailing their concept.

Assuming they can create a fully functional web based operating system, and at the same time beef up their “office like products” (if you happen to have a gmail account you have probably noticed that Gmail can now read all Microsoft Office file types) then the possibility of them taking over much of Microsoft’s Business is completely possible.

In order to take over the world they would then need to overtake Wall-Mart and since Google is predominantly a digital enterprise and owns no physical ware house type stores the answer is really no.