Making Fun of iPad

I saw this and just had to share. This is a video that mad TV did on the iPad back in 2007 (was the iPad even a concept then?)

I’m a big fan of sketch comedy like: Kids in the Hall, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live. I have a geeks sense of humor i guess, but this video and the one after are both good for laughs.

This people in the next video have taken what looks to be an actual iPad commercial and done some voice overs. Very funny again. Especially the parts about taking the same technology in the iPhone and sticking it in a much larger heavier device with less features.

This last one has some guy pretending to be Steve Jobs he’s wearing the black shirt and everything. Very funny.

What do yo think? Funny or not?

Free Sitemap Generator

sitemap generator free

sitemap generator freeware

Looking for a great free sitemap generator? I was browsing some websites the other day and looking at their robots.txt files and many of them had a site map listed as, the .gz file extension is a Linux compression utility format. Since it’s compressed it means that the search engines can download the sitemap faster, and with the new Google Caffeine Algorithm update it is now more important than ever to make things load faster.

sitemap rep

sitemap rep

Most of the .xml.gz sitemaps are created using a freeware application called GSiteCrawler.

I’ve downloaded the app and used it and its very intuitive and works quite well. Did we mention that it was free? I mean how cool is that a powerful yet free sitemap generator.

The SEO benefits of having a sitemap are huge. It allows the bots crawl all your pages. It shows them every nook and cranny, and is a great way to have all your pages indexed by the search engines. Content is king right? Check out the video below.

What if any sitemap software are you using and how is it working for you?

XPI File Extensions? What are they?

XPI File Extension

XPI Files

What in the world is an XPI file extension? If you are a mozilla firefox user you may find your self asking this question, when downloading or upgrading an add on or plugin.

Firefox is cool because it include tons options as far as customization goes. It’s thousands of plugins make is a sort of swiss army nife. If you can think of something you want Firefox to do, i can most likely do it.

Well the XPI file extension is the file extension associated with firefox plugins, and it’s a sort of zip file if you will. Many files are combined into 1 folder then compressed for faster downloads.

If you are unsure about the file contact the publisher, or look for an alternative plugin.


Nero Essentials

 Nero Essentials

Nero Essentials

Nero Essentials is a CD and DVD imaging o burning application for the pc. In terms of popularity this software is at the top, if not the top then it’s just slightly behind competitor Roxio.

Nero allows you to save other cd’s as images on your computer or server space. Images are much like large zip files, and usually have an .iso extension. Nero offers other flavors of it’s software as well if you like this product.

If you would like to download a free version of nero try downloading nero lite 9, its free and leightweight.

Adsense PIP June 2010

Adsense PIP Google

Adsense PIP Google

It’s June 21st 2010 and as of yet there is no payment in progress or payment issued. Payment is usually received by the 26th, but sometimes earlier. So my bet is on the next few days.

If you have a pip notice please post. If you’ve received payment please post. Just tell us where in the world you are and your adsense payment status.

We are creating a thread for every month, and we want to hear from you!