Expired Domains Pagerank

Domain PageRank

Domain PageRank

I’m always on the look for an expiring domain with a good pagerank. Do expired domains loose or keep their PR? This is a common question, who wants to buy a PR 4 domains just to have it go back to 0 in a month.

From my experience if you can buy it from Godaddy Expiring Auctions, and most of the time when you purchase it through a service like Pool.com, and almost 100% of the time when you do a transfer.

So the best option is to try and catch the webmaster before it expires so you can get the transfer, even if it means spending $100 in stead of just the $60 or so from a drop service. You can sometimes get the sites content like this as well.

Warning to Buyers – You need to check the pagerank of the site and make sure it’s not a fake. Many if not most of the high pr domains that are at auction are fake. I’ve bought a few myself. Best way to check is to google the name and check the cache, if the cache is from some other website what the webmaster has done is a 301 redirect to a High PR site, and then taken it off. The domain will retain that PR for awhile, but it’s not real. Seriously check 1st.

Hope this helps all you domainers out there, and happy hunting.

Domain Name Drop

domain name drop

domain name drop cycle

Understanding the basics of the domain name drop cycle can really get you a long way in the world of domaining.

Lets take a look at the cycles steps, and detail each one as we go.

In order for a domain to drop it must have first been registered for at least 1 year. Domains can be registered for up to 10 years at a time.

If the person whom registered the domain decides he no longer wants to renew the domain, or the person accidentally forgets to renew the domain it then goes into the “expired” phase of the cycle. This 45 day period is a sort of courtesy time frame and lets the webmaster re-register any domain he has accidentally let drop.

Redemption Grace Period
During this phase a user can still re-register any domain he or she has forgot about, some registers will try to tack on an extra fee at this point, but most do not.

Pending Delete
This is a very short 5 day period in which the domain is pending delete. At this point the domain can no longer be re-registered by the prior owner.

Domain Available
The domain name is available for registration, and if you were smart enough to use a domain a domain catching service like pool.com then you are golden, and most likely have yourself a shiny slightly used, but premium domain name.

Pool.com has the highest % of successful catches in the business, we have personally used them to catch some 10 or so domains in the past 3 or 4 years. We are very happy, and there service unlike Godaddy is free unless you actually win the domain. So you can backorder an endless number of domains for $0.00 and when they drop buy them for a small $69 fee.

We are not affiliated with pool, and you can check out links to see that we aren’t getting a kickback.

Glock 17 vs. Glock 19 Full Details

Which gun is better, a full size Glock 17, or the smaller Glock 19? This is a very common question, and like most questions it has more than just one answer. That’s how real life is, it’s not just yes and no, or true and false. It’s always a little more complex than that.

So first lets look at a few of the features of each side by side.

Magazine Capacity

Glock 17 holds 17 – the Glock 17 staggers the bullets in a way that allow you to put an extra 2 bullets in the same clip space. The  9mm Beretta the standard Army issued sidearm holds just 15.

Glock 19 holds 15 – The glock 19 holds just 15 bullets, but it will just like all the other Glock’s accept magazines from the same caliber weapon. That means you can put a 17 round or even 32 round clip in as well.

Gun Size

Glock 17 – 7.32 length, 1.18 width, 4.49 barrel, 5.43 height (all numbers in inches)
Glock 19 – 6.85 length, 1.18 width, 4.02 barrel, 5.00 height (all numbers in inches)

So we can see that they are both 1.18 in wide, and the Glock 19 is about 1/2 in (.47 inches) shorter in length, about 1/2 in shorter in the barrel length, and about 1/2 in shorter in height..

Shorter barrel means less accuracy, but common is a pistol not a rifle right? I’m not sure how much it effects accuracy, I’m not able to tell a difference, but I’m not a marksman and I don’t shoot competitively.

The big thing here is conceal-ability. Unless you are a very big dude, then the Glock 17 is a little more difficult to conceal. If you are wanting to conceal carry then you are most likely going to want the 19, but as most people say. Make sure you shoot them both. We can pull all the stats in the world and show them to you, but nothing really compares to real life, and at around $500 a pop that’s a expensive mistake, right?

Some people say the 19 fits better in their hand, some people say the 17 fits better. Some people like the balance of the 19, some like the 17.


Glock 17 – 22.04 oz w/no magazine (full mag +9.87 oz, empty mag +2.75 oz)
Glock 19 – 20.99 oz w/no magazine (full mag +8.99 oz, empty mag +2.46 oz)

Trigger Pull

Glock 17 – 5.5 lbs
Glock 19 – 5.5 lbs

The trigger pull for both the glock 17 and the glock 19 are the same. You can take your Glock to a glock specialist and have them reduce the trigger pull of course, but these are all after market mods.

What are you planning to use this for? Home defense, open carry, conceal carry, for the truck/car? If you are using it for home defense and you are happy with the way a Glock 17 feels then go with that, if you want a backup weapon, or a conceal carry weapon and you like the way the Glock 19 shoots, then choose that.

So what did we decide? Well we decided to buy one of each of course! We suggest you hit up your local gun range, they most likely rent both of these out. The only way to tell is to hold it in your hand.

Happy Shooting, and and all comments, criticism, or additions welcome. Check out the Glock 27 Review from GunData.org

Numara Track-It! Alternative

Numara Track-It! Alternative

Numara Track-It! Alternative

If you use some sort of work order management software then you most likely use a product like Numara Track-It!. We’ve used this software for the last 6 years and it’s been all down hill as far as software quality goes.

Numara Track-It! used to be intuit track-it. The same people that make quickbooks used to manage the developers on this as well. Back then things worked just fine, and the quality assurance people did their job. Since then the company moved away from that model.

To say their software is “buggy” is a huge understatement. The audit software they offer that works on a little pocket pc needs to be re-installed all the time. If someone gets a new computer you cannot simply save the new computer over the old one, that causes the software to crash. (unhandled exception) The techs say that you need to delete the user first. The software itself is very resource intensive, and bogs your computer down immensely.

Want reports? No problem assuming you have a bachelors in computer system administration or higher. There is no easy way to get the data out of the sql database without creating a report with something like Crystal Reports.  Crazy huh?

Well here are a few alternatives, and we are not pushing any of them. We don’t know how they work but they must be better than track-it!

SysAid performs both helpdesk and inventory functions. It is specifically intended to lower the burden of administration and operational overhead.

Alloy Navigator
Alloy Navigator is an enterprise-level integrated IT infrastructure management suite based on ITIL principles. Alloy Navigator offers a perfect blend of IT Service Support, Asset Management, and Change Management, all consolidated into a single solution focused on streamlining IT service processes and effectively managing the complete IT life cycle.

eMaint X3
eMaint X3 is a full-featured Work Order Management software  system that companies use to drive asset performance and improve return on investment. Stop the endless phone calls, post it notes, missing paperwork and use eMaint X3 to reduce direct service costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase stakeholder and resource value.

Web Help Desk
Intuitive help desk software by Web Help Desk includes: cross-platform help desk software, asset management software, knowledge base software, more.

Help Desk Pilot
Thousands of business deploy Helpdesk Pilot to achieve sky high efficiencies in their help desk management. It’s a breeze to configure and customize to suit your specific business needs.

Frank Garrett of Duncan Construction

Frank Garrett

Frank Garrett

One of the newest internet stars of yet is Frank Garrett of Duncan Construction. Frank Garrett appears in thousands of internet videos with more uploaded every day, the problem is however it’s not Frank Garrett but his voice on a soundboard that is in the videos.

Prank calling has been around for as long as I can remember, but since caller ID and *69 it’s really taken a hit. Now however there is software like Skype + addons that allow users to spoof their phone number. That alone is enough to kick off a new generation of prank callers, but in addition to this new feature users are making prank phone calls and recording their victims. The victims voice is then cut up into sound bytes and used in a sound board to prank call more victims. I have to admit this is amazingly funny, but probably breaks a few rules i would think. Especially when you start pranking the police, recording their voice, and then using the the police’s voice to harass persons.

Here is a topic on him over at WikiTopic.org Real Frank Garrett

The whole thing is a bit confusing, but quite popular. If you think this sounds crazy just go to YouTube and search for Frank Garrett or click the following link


At the moment there are 1,930 videos featuring Mr Frank Garrett, and an additional 1,500 tagged as Duncan Calls. Frank who seems to always be portrayed (at least in photos) as a drunk Prince Charles is always very angry and uses tons of profanity, so don’t listen to this with kids around. I suggest headphones, or earbuds.

Frank Garrett is not a voice actor or even a prank caller himself, he is actually a worker or owner of Duncan Construction.

Someone needs to go by there and tell this poor fellow what’s going on, or at least get him to build a pole barn or whatever it is they build out there in Oklahoma. Just don’t ask him to do dozer work.  (inside joke)

Since Frank uses so much profanity in his pranks we had to include a video from some other character. Donna Pope’s Neighbor. In this example someone calls this nice lady and pranks her. They record the call chop up her voice into audio clips, call back the next day, and have her talking to herself. she doesn’t even know it’s her own voice and proceeds s to have a 7:00 minute discussion with herself.

Mr Frank Garrett has even been on the Prime Time News (Fox)