Google Super Autosuggest

google not SuperSuggestion

google not SuperSuggestion

Google is now toying around with a feature we are going to call Super Auto suggest. Standard Autosuggestion features include suggestions when a user types in a word. the suggestions are toggled using the javascript onkeyup function. When a user releases a key a query is made and the most popular and relevant searches appear.

What Super Autosuggestion (for the record we are officially claiming this term 8-24-2010) does is return search results onkeyup. The entire page changes when the user releases a key. This must be hell on resources, but I’m guessing with its thousands of data centers can handle the requests.

This feature is still in testing, so maybe they will roll it out, and maybe they won’t. Here is a small video someone uploaded to YouTube showing the features.

Adsense PIP August 2010

Adsense PIP Google

Adsense PIP Google

Thanks webmasters for visiting our Adsense PIP (payment in progress) for the month of August 2010. The purpose of these monthly post is to track the payments made from Google Adsense, around the world to better help guage when you yourself might get paid.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as you have most likely not been paid yet, If you had you would not be searching for this topic right? Then make a post telling us when your Adsense payment is in progress, where you are in the world, and maybe even another post once you get paid.

It’s fun to track the payments some regions tend to get paid first.

To check your payments login to adsense and visit

10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Best Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

There is so much hype about blogging nowadays that it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. So here are a few helpful tips for beginning blogger’s.

So lets get rid of the myth’s right now. If you are starting or wanting to start a blog to get rich, become famous, or take over the world…we want to let you know. It most likely isn’t going to happen.  In order to run a successful blog you need to create unique content on something you are good at, for years.

Tips for Beginners

  1. Do choose a subject you are knowledgeable about.
  2. Don’t choose a subject that you think will make money like banking, credit cards, insurance, or similar unless you are a specialist in that field.
  3. Get a real domain. If you are serious don’t use a service like or . Pony up the $10 a year for a domain, and the $8 or so dollars a month it cost to get cheap hosting. This will give you much more credibility.
  4. Get users to sign up to your newsletter or follow you on twitter.
  5. Monetize using a service like or google adsense
  6. Write at least 1 article a week, but preferably 1 every week day
  7. If you use wordpress as a platform be sure to fill in the tags for maximum search engine traffic.
  8. Don’t overuse plugins. Less is usually more.
  9. Use plugins like All-In-One SEO, it will rewrite your pages and help boost your seo traffic as well.
  10. Don’t give up. It takes time. Don’t expect to be #1 on the search engines over night. It takes some time to get listed in the search engines, and even longer to climb to the top 10.
  11. Sign up for our Newsletter and get the ultimate webmasters guide for free, and updates.
Free Guide

Free Guide

Top WordPress Widgets
WordPress SEO Tips

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Widgets

Wordpress Widgets

If you are a blogger who owns your own website, there is a good chance you are using WordPress to power it. So why not use some of these cool plugins to help boost your sites quality. Plugins are among the easiest way to quickly improve your sites appeal, and user interaction.

For those of you who may be new to WordPress and it’s add-ons here is a little info. If you are a WordPress Pro you can skip this paragraph. [skip it] OK for those of you still with me, WordPress is a CMS (content management system) geared towards the blogging community. Programmers and developers who are either generous, or offer a premium version of a widget, create plugins that allow the administrators of a WordPress site to add and subtract functionality. Now this is nothing new, I remember back in 2000 when the only free CMS out was PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke wasn’t a very good platform, and it got hacked often, but it did allow you to add modules and blocks. WordPress is like PHP-Nuke in this sense, but it is a lot sturdier, and a lot more user friendly. To find wordpress plugins/widgets you need to log into your WordPress admin area usually Once you are logged in click on Plugins then Add New then either search for a new plugin or upload a zipped one.

OK, so what are the top 10 Widgets for WordPress?

  1. All In One Seo Pack – This is my #1 favorite plugin. It helps boost your sites SEO. Great plugin!
  2. Category Cloud Widget – This widgets ads a category cloud based off of tags. The more at certain tagged is used the larger the font.
  3. Subscribe To Comments – Great way to keep users coming back for more content. This widget notifies users of new posts.
  4. Show Top Commentators – One of the best ways to get people commenting, this is similar to the top commentors for a forum or similar.
  5. Akismet – This is a great plugin that will stop bots from spamming your posts. It won’t prevent humans, but it will partially stop the bots.
  6. Broken Link Checker – Nothing is more annoying than visiting a site and clicking on a broken link. This widget will check for and notify you of broken links.
  7. Lightbox 2 – Awesome ajax lightbox popup. A lightbox is the effect seen when someone clicks on an image or link and the screen darkens and nothing is displayed but the image or frame.
  8. Watermark RELOADED – This plugin will watermark iamges uploaded to your site. So if the images are hijacked or stolen you will still get some promotion.
  9. WP-Supercache – Search engines do not like dynamic pages as much as they like static html pages. This plugin generates static html pages. Not sure how ell this one will work with the All – In – One SEO pack however.
  10. Photo Dropper – Most bloggers incorporate images into their posts. This is a great plugin that allows you to add images from Flickr without even leaving your blog.

SEO Tips for WordPress



When it comes to SEO and blogging there is no better step than to use WordPress. WordPress kicks search engine ranking butt by itself, but when you start adding SEO plug-ins like the all in one SEO pack then you really start to see the difference.

With the thousands of SEO and other plug-ins available to webmasters from the WordPress community it gets a bit confusing at times.

So where do you start?

Log into your wordpress admin panel
Click the Plugins Option from the bottom left admin bar
Click “Add New”
Type SEO in the box and hit search

Now our favorite plug-in for Search Engine Ranking is “All in One SEO Pack” and we first chose that because of the ratings it had received. Once we had it installed we agreed 100%, it’s awesome.

So assuming you want to try the all in one seo pack click on it and click install, you will then need to choose your settings for the plugin by choosing it on the bottom left of your admin panel.

Im not going to get into the down and dirty of seo, you most likely understand it enough to get by. We will say however that the All in One SEO Pack allows you to rewrite your urls, define you title for each post, define your description for each post, and a little more. It also redirects old non seo friendly urls to the more friendly ones.

So all in all it’s a really simple step, and it works like a charm. Give it a try today, and I bet you’ll see traffic increases from Google within 1-2 weeks.

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