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word of mouth marketing by buzzpromote.net

Word of mouth marketing, now that sounds resource intensive. In a internet era rampant with with link farms, spam, and discount mexican horse viagra ads, buzzpromote.net’s concept is a breath of fresh air.

So word of mouth, one on one, hard work in order to reap the benefits of labor may sound like some alien concept, but in reality it’s the foundation on which this country was built upon. Values missing from this new generation raised on instant gratification and microwave dinners.

The only issue we see is that the quantification of  such efforts are hard to accurately measure. Assuming they can find a way to detail success then this company may be worth checking out.

We were contacted recently by a rep Vanessa, who was working on behalf of a sports therapy company. She was very polite, straight forward, and didn’t seem to be “copy and paste”/ “auto response’ish”.

Her customer is interested in promoting his products or services on one of our sites that is dedicated to running. We’ll post back any significant updates.  If you happen to contact them for some “word of mouth” marketing, please be sure to tell them we sent you.

There site can be found online at BuzzPromote.net Interested in generating a buzz to help promote your brand? Contact Buzz Promote @ 1-888-818-4967 or email vgoodfriend {at} buzzpromote.net

Best Open Source Database

MySQL Best of the Best

MySQL Best of the Best

So what’s the best open source database? Well I feel that it’s MySQL of course. There are various versions of free open source sql databases, but by far the most widely used has to be MySQL.

I’ve read all sorts of speed test against various query types, various database sizes, and different database activities; such as updating, creating tables, merging, exporting. The one that stands out is always MySQL.

It has become the become the most widely used open source database software not because of marketing, but because of ease of use and durability.

The software is very robust, and widely used. I run near a hundred websites, and it powers every one. It has never let me down.

The interface options (mainly the command line, and & phpmyadmin) are it’s limitations in my opinion however.

The only one i’ve found suitable is MySQLDumper. It’s chews up and spits out database tables with millions of records for breakfast. If you are interested in this addon or module check out our article. Large Database Software Help

Getting Paid to Post Links @ URLInto.com?



Every hear about those “getting paid to post link scams”. They are all spam, and garbage as far as we are concerned. Now there is a legitimate way to post links and get paid.

We’ve worked with a few partners of ours in an attempt to create system that actually allows you to boost your adsense revenue by simply posting new links, or replacing old links. It takes no more effort than you are already putting forth. We all post links to content in forums, on our blogs, to twitter, facebook, myspace, newsletters, and emails.

Now it’s simple to make some extra denero by replacing these links with somewhat of an “Adsense Interstitial”. A page that is displayed briefly to users, and that contains your Adsense Ads. A page that then redirects the users to the correct url.

It’s a strange concept, brand new. We are hoping it catches on, and webmasters take advantage of this awesome little resources. There is no scam, or trick. It’s an honest, simple, and transparent system that allows me and you to make a little more money. You already send people links to funny or cool videos. You already post links to valuable resources. You already share interesting content.

This system is anonymous so people won’t even know that they are your ads. You can provide support in forums, yahoo answers, and blog’s and get paid for it.

Pretty cool concept. Tell us what you all think. We are willing to make changes to the system if you are interested.

Turn your urls into cash at http://urlinto.com

Adsense PIP September 2010

Adsense PIP Google

Adsense PIP Google

Thanks webmasters for visiting our Adsense PIP (payment in progress) for the month of September 2010. The purpose of these monthly post is to track the payments made from Google Adsense, around the world to better help gauge when you yourself might get paid.

Be sure to bookmark this page, as you have most likely not been paid yet, If you had you would not be searching for this topic right? Then make a post telling us when your Adsense payment is in progress, where you are in the world, and maybe even another post once you get paid.

It’s fun to track the payments some regions tend to get paid first.

To check your payments login to adsense and visit

Why is seo so expensive?

seo chart

seo chart

When it comes to investing in your online business SEO is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s expensive because it will continue to pay out dividends for years and years to come. If you want the best you are going to have to pay big bucks.

How can SEO experts demand such outlandish fees for services? We’ve written on this before, but we’ll detail it again.

Dollar for dollar money spent on a proper seo job is going to pay out way better than any advertisement campaign you may run. $1,000 on an ad campaign may get you a 10 thousand visitors this month. On the other hand a $1,000 dollars spent on seo may bring you 10 visitors this month as well, and next month, and the month after that, and so on. Make sense?

Why does SEO pay out better on the long haul?
SEO work that consists of page “rewrites”, backlinks, and maybe even social bookmarking submissions to sites like LinkSnapr, and Digg will permanently increase your presence and ranking in the major and minor search engines. This results are increased traffic, increased exposure, and hopefully increased profits.

You should be wary however,  not all SEO’s are created the same. Ask for a list of past clients, and contact those clients. Just like hiring a roofer, painter, a lawyer, or a cpa, you need to realize that there are good painters, and there are bad painters. If the painter in question made your neighbors house look like crap, chances are he’ll do the same to yours.