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6 Best Url Shorteners

URL Shorteners make long URLs tiny, so they can fit into less space. Here are in our opinion 6 of the best URL shortening services online today. These are in no special order, and they are all 100% free. site may be the original service, we are not sure. Site was first started back in 2006. is twitter’s tiny url shortening service of choice. They may even own it, im not sure.

With a name like this url shortening service has to belong to Google. The utility isn’t too fancy, but has a few features the others do not. claims to be the shortest of all of the url shortening services, as as far as I can tell they are right. A 4 character domain (including the extension)

Last but not least is the birdy shorty (just as short as mind you) This service actually allows you to share files as well! 🙂

This service has a larger name than the others, but offers one thing none of them do. Revenue. This one shrinks your urls and allows you to create an adsese revenue page at the same time. This way you get paid to share.