Google #1 Result More Important than Ever

barking spiders

What is a barking spider?

Well becoming the #1 result in Google Search is more important than ever. Or at least more valuable than ever. As if people couldn’t tell what option is #1, Google has now added an arrow or triangle point out that item.

We were trying to look up barking spiders (because my wife had heard one when we were in the car the other day), and I found a new Google feature!

You can see in the image attached that the #1 item does indeed have a blue triangle next to it. This is the second large scale Google Search change in the last month or so, after the much talked about Google Suggest Everything on the fly.

Not sure what if anything it’s supposed to mean? I’m sure however that the #1 result with the triangle will get more clicks, or a larger click through rate than it did before.

Maybe this is an attempt by the search behemoth to increase the accuracy of it’s results. Maybe to many people were clicking #2, #3, #4, and so on. When what they really needed was on #1 just overlooked.

I’ve also noticed some advertisements getting the cool blue triangle as well. That seems a bit strange, but I really have no clue what the thing is for in the first place, so who am I to be  a judge of the situation.

Anyone have any input on this little change?

Free WinRar Download

WinRar Box

WinRar Box

I’ve been using Winrar for about 10 years now and even though Windows now ships with a version of Winzip, WinRar is still my compression utility of choice. So we figured we would offer up a free winrar download, and see if we could port some users over from winzip.

Why winrar you ask? Well I think it loads faster, it creates .rar files as well as .zip. It offers up tons of options as far as compression range.

Allows you to split huge groups of files into dvd size files, cd size files. So in this case it makes many rar or zip files instead of one large one.

winrar options

winrar options

It offers about 7 different archiving options including

  1. Delete Files After Archiving
  2. Create SFX archive
  3. Create Solid Archive
  4. Put recovery record
  5. Test archived files
  6. Lock archive
  7. Put authenticity verification

It also has a nice update mode with another 7 or so features as well.

It allows you to include or exclude files based on date, and even add a comment to the file for other people to read in the future.



All this in a freeware application. Of course you get a screen when loading that says you are using WinRar unless you pay for the upgrade, but most apps show you that anyway, and If you just right click a file and archive or zip then you get no warning at all.

So download now and start using what we consider to be the best free compression application out there.

As always please tell us what you think.

Google Killed Your Grandma

Google Killer

Killed by Google

Yep that’s right, Google has unofficially offed your Grandma. What? There was a study done a few years back to find the regions of the world that have the largest population of persons over 100. They then sent persons to those areas to log things like diet, living conditions, race, and social status.

The deciding factor ended up being social status. Old people were the center of the village or town. Night and day people would come visit them and ask them questions. These guys are the original Google. If you needed to know what to do then you asked the oldest person you could find. The older you were the more you’ve seen and the more you know.

So why did Google kill your Grandma? If she’s alive there may still be time to save her. Old people live only when they have a reason to live. If they are needed, they will find a way to stick around. So what happens if we don’t need them for anything? If we now find all our answers on Google or Yahoo, or Bing then what do we need there old shriveled up leather heads for? Not much.

So find a reason to love your Nana, Grandma, Grandpa, or Papaw. Pretend you love the smell of Moth Balls and Urine. (hey don’t get mad at me, you know it’s the truth) Ask them questions…then Google it later to find the real answer. I know it’s double data entry, but your Grandparents lives are at stake here people.

photo by kalidoskopika via flickr Jonathan Mann

Writing a song a day the site by Jonathan Mann is participating in what could be considered a Song Marathon.

We heard Jonathan Mann on NPR’s all things considered where he was singing his Song for the day “Ren the Polyamourous Polar Bear”

We could not find that song but here is his song Zombie Ponnies.

If you want to make a request he’ll gladly right you a song, yes he may be little crazy, but he definitely has a knack for writing songs on the fly.

Im going to email him and ask him to write a song about Chicken Ninja’s and see if he’ll do it for me. I like chicken and ninjas, so a chicken ninja is right up my ally.

Give his site a listen and tell us what you think 🙂

Update here is the song about ren!