Google PageRank Update Finally!

PR Updates!

PR Updates!

It’s been forever since I’ve seen a Google pagerank update. In fact i cant every remember there being this much time between updates. I haven’t noticed an update since April 2010 nearly a year ago. See old 2010 PageRank Updates

I was begining to wonder if Google had just shut down the PR program due to the linkspam problems. So I was a bit thrilled to find out that the updates finally processed. I had a few websites (I run 100+) that upgraded to PR 6, some to PR 5, some PR 4’s, and of course a few PR 1’s for those sites that I created on a whim and then lost interest in (I tend to do that fairly often). Also had a few sites loose a point or 2.

Without spamming the blog with your links, please tell us how you fared this update.

Web Analytics Upgrade

ipstat gets updates

ipstat gets updates, a site that has offered free web site analytics since 1998, has recently upgraded their user reports page to include some pretty cool looking flash charting. Web Analytics

This site has always been great for tracking data like “keywords”, “site referrals”, monthly views, bounce rate, page views, and unique views.  It’s recently modified flash graphing loads faster and is very pleasing to the eye. They should have done this sooner.

If you think Google already knows to much about you and your website, then maybe you want to try IPStat instead. It’s free, and just takes seconds to create and account, and get the code integrated.

At the very least you can use this project to monitor small to medium size sites. If you’re already a user (some 60,000 sites currently are), then you may want to login and check out the new updates if you’ve not done so already.

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Google #1 Result More Important than Ever

barking spiders

What is a barking spider?

Well becoming the #1 result in Google Search is more important than ever. Or at least more valuable than ever. As if people couldn’t tell what option is #1, Google has now added an arrow or triangle point out that item.

We were trying to look up barking spiders (because my wife had heard one when we were in the car the other day), and I found a new Google feature!

You can see in the image attached that the #1 item does indeed have a blue triangle next to it. This is the second large scale Google Search change in the last month or so, after the much talked about Google Suggest Everything on the fly.

Not sure what if anything it’s supposed to mean? I’m sure however that the #1 result with the triangle will get more clicks, or a larger click through rate than it did before.

Maybe this is an attempt by the search behemoth to increase the accuracy of it’s results. Maybe to many people were clicking #2, #3, #4, and so on. When what they really needed was on #1 just overlooked.

I’ve also noticed some advertisements getting the cool blue triangle as well. That seems a bit strange, but I really have no clue what the thing is for in the first place, so who am I to be  a judge of the situation.

Anyone have any input on this little change?

Keyword Groupie Best New Free Keyword Utility

Keyword Groupie

Keyword Groupie

Keyword Groupie may just be the best new Free Keyword Utility on the planet. It offers some of the coolest new keyword analytical features that revolve around keyword grouping, and better hierarchical organization.

Keyword groupie has a 70’s hippie style marketing ploy that makes the app seem all that much more fun, and of course the coolest part is that it’s free. (at least for now it is)

Keyword Groupie displays all words in a domains keyword universe, and then breaks them down into a nice hierarchical expanding tables. The closest relative is “Google Keyword Tool”, when using it to find domain keywords.

It’s a great way to see what you have, what your competitors have, and what you need. The organizational scheme then makes it all that much easier to get that result you want.

We are playing around with Keyword Groupie, and so far we have to say that we love it.

Check out the video from youtube

Why is seo so expensive?

seo chart

seo chart

When it comes to investing in your online business SEO is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s expensive because it will continue to pay out dividends for years and years to come. If you want the best you are going to have to pay big bucks.

How can SEO experts demand such outlandish fees for services? We’ve written on this before, but we’ll detail it again.

Dollar for dollar money spent on a proper seo job is going to pay out way better than any advertisement campaign you may run. $1,000 on an ad campaign may get you a 10 thousand visitors this month. On the other hand a $1,000 dollars spent on seo may bring you 10 visitors this month as well, and next month, and the month after that, and so on. Make sense?

Why does SEO pay out better on the long haul?
SEO work that consists of page “rewrites”, backlinks, and maybe even social bookmarking submissions to sites like LinkSnapr, and Digg will permanently increase your presence and ranking in the major and minor search engines. This results are increased traffic, increased exposure, and hopefully increased profits.

You should be wary however,  not all SEO’s are created the same. Ask for a list of past clients, and contact those clients. Just like hiring a roofer, painter, a lawyer, or a cpa, you need to realize that there are good painters, and there are bad painters. If the painter in question made your neighbors house look like crap, chances are he’ll do the same to yours.