Why do zombies eat brains?

zombie eat brains

zombie eat brains

I’m a bit of a zombie fanatic, ever since I watched “Night of the Living Dead” with my dad as a kid, I’ve been hooked. But what’s up with the brains? Why brains and not kidneys, livers, or hearts.

Recently when watching an 80’s zombie movie “Return of the Living Dead”, I came upon the answer. About 3/4 of the way through the movie they take a the upper torso of a mostly decayed female zombie and strap it down to a metal table at the mortuary. They then ask the Zombie, why she want’s to eat them. She says I just want to eat your brains. Why brains the guys ask her. “Because it hurts to be dead, I can feel myself decaying, and the brains make the pain go away.”

So there you go, Zombies eat brains because it makes the pain go away. Brains have some chemical that seem to act as a pain releaver for the dead.

Now this is just one movies interpretation, zombies actually come from the religion Voodoo. According to voodoo a sorcerer can reanimate the dead. Voodoo says nothing about brains however. Phil a guest posted this in the comments section below. “Return of the Living Dead invented the idea of zombies eating brains”. Phil seems to be right 🙂

Update Found a Video Online! (warning foul language)

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Why is seo so expensive?

seo chart

seo chart

When it comes to investing in your online business SEO is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s expensive because it will continue to pay out dividends for years and years to come. If you want the best you are going to have to pay big bucks.

How can SEO experts demand such outlandish fees for services? We’ve written on this before, but we’ll detail it again.

Dollar for dollar money spent on a proper seo job is going to pay out way better than any advertisement campaign you may run. $1,000 on an ad campaign may get you a 10 thousand visitors this month. On the other hand a $1,000 dollars spent on seo may bring you 10 visitors this month as well, and next month, and the month after that, and so on. Make sense?

Why does SEO pay out better on the long haul?
SEO work that consists of page “rewrites”, backlinks, and maybe even social bookmarking submissions to sites like LinkSnapr, and Digg will permanently increase your presence and ranking in the major and minor search engines. This results are increased traffic, increased exposure, and hopefully increased profits.

You should be wary however,  not all SEO’s are created the same. Ask for a list of past clients, and contact those clients. Just like hiring a roofer, painter, a lawyer, or a cpa, you need to realize that there are good painters, and there are bad painters. If the painter in question made your neighbors house look like crap, chances are he’ll do the same to yours.

Why is RAM important?




So why is RAM so important on a computer? Well RAM (random access memory)  is the space your computer uses to do all it’s work in. The more ram the more tasks your computer can juggle at once.

I’ve heard this analogy used before and it makes sense to me. Think of a desk. Imagine that the drawers on your desk are your hard drive (they hold all your work), and that the top of your desk is the amount of RAM that your computer has. The larger the desk, the more papers you can have out and be working on at one time. In this analogy you would be the CPU or processor, you crunch and move the papers around, and read them, and put them back. Does that make sense? Hope so.

That’s really all there is to it, not to complicated after all is it?

So do you need more RAM? Well that depends on what you are planning to do.

If you are a 60 year old grandmother and just want to check your email to see if you got an email from the Grand kids then no, you most likely don’t need any more ram than you already have.

If on the other hand you are a gamer and want the newest games to work without buffering every 10 seconds, the answer is most likely going to be yes. Your needs are above and beyond what most base systems are set up to do.

If you want to get RAM cheap, you can do it yourself, after you do it once you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. Here is a little video tutorial we found online that can guide you trough the steps.

Most Accurate Keyword Research Tool?

how accurate?

how accurate?

This is a common question, but it’s very important as some of these tools are super expensive. So what is the most accurate research tool for finding keywords and terms?

Well each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses so we’ll detail those quickly.

Here are the tools in alphabetical order


Alexa– Alexa is an internet legend when it comes to data tracking. It now displays search analytics or High Impact Search Queries as it puts it. The only problem is that Alexa gets it’s data from the Alexa toolbar, so the traffic is skewed.
Compete-Another great utility for researching keywords. Compete is pretty accurate and has lot’s of data. The only problem is that Compete only purchases data on United States traffic. So if your market is over seas this is worthless. All in all a great site however.
Google Keyword Tool-This is the daddy of them all. Google searches made up around 75% of all searches on the internet, and because of this Google has the largest piece of the data pie. They give you the most accurate analysis in my opinion. They share this info in hopes that you will buy into their adwords service.
Keyword Spy– You have to love this site. I signed up just recently for just one month, did my searches exported my daily limit of 50,000 results into an excel spreadsheet and burnt everything to a CD. Now I have enough data to last me months. Pretty accurate, probably not as accurate as Google however.


SEM Rush-a newcomer but a great little company that offers an API as well. Only $29.95 a month or something like that. Pretty accurate, not sure where to data comes from. The only problem I see here is that they don’t have data until you’ve searched for it before. In other words if I want details on yourdomain.com and no one has ever requested it they will not have it in their database. So it takes a few weeks to get new sites detailed.
Spyfu-Again details on your domain are not available until someone has searched for that domain at least 1x. Fairly accurate, plus some nice features.



That about sums up the most popular options that I’ve used in the past. There are other tools out there, but these are just the creme of the crop that come to mind.

Good luck and happy hunting.
Want another cool tool? Use pagestat to analyze a competitors website and get all sorts of useful data.

8 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog


Does Your Website Needs a Blog?

Here is a quick question. You have a website, the website is doing fairly well, why even bother with creating a blog? Why have a blog on your website?

Well there are few major reasons that I can think of, and I will post them up as they come to mind.

  1. Blogs give a website a human touch, they let the users know that If they need you they can post a question or comment, and you’ll respond.
  2. Blogs show users that your site is current, assuming your content is fresh.
  3. Blogs display your personality in your writing styles.
  4. Blogs generate backlinks and boost your entire websites performance.
  5. Blogs are the best way (in my opinion) to generate newsletter subscribers, that will allow you to better sell your goods and services and monetize your users.
  6. Blogs are Web 2.0 Ish they are interactive, and allow users to use rss to republish your content.
  7. Blogs integrate with FaceBook, and Twitter so that you can post something 1x, and have it distributed everywhere.
  8. It’s just good seo, blogging and posting fresh content weekly will generate traffic in the long run, as well as tell the search engines that you update often.

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