Acquirethisname Scam


Evil Scam

I put in an bid for a domain name that was parked, and the offer was turned down so I forgot about it and moved on. Months later i start getting emails from them again, asking me for a new offer on said domain. I had totally forgot why I even made the offer on the domain, so i started doing a little research on it and it turns out to be in one of my niches. While doing research on the domain I realized the owner had already let it drop. Continue reading …

Top 10 Signs Your Website is Failing

Website Failure

Website Failure

Here are the top 10 indicators that your website is failing.

  1. Even spammers won’t post in your blog!
  2. The only place your site is listed is in the wayback machine.
  3. You’re bounce rate is 110%
  4. You’ve made the front page of
  5. Your email account associated with the site no longer wins the lottery, and foreign royalty no longer requires your assistance in transferring money. Continue reading …