Breaking Long Posts into Pages w/ WordPress

Breaking Long Posts into Pages

Breaking Long Posts into Pages

If you’ve ever seen an article online that seems to go on and on for ever, you can understand the need for the WordPress “<!–nextpage–>” Tag. It breaks long pages into multiple pages one the fly.

The command must be used under the “html editor” region of wordpress. If you don’t have wordpress, and just own a web page then you can obviously do this by hand. Just cut your page into 2 or more pieces and then link them together.

This nifty concept also means you get to serve more ads, and decrease your bounce rate. (the % of viewers that leave after just viewing one page).

Since adsense only allows you to display 3 ads per page, a long article on one page could only have 3 ads. That same article broken into 2 pages would yield ad space for 6 ads, broken into 3 pages 9 ads.

If you also serve up CPM ads, then this could be a boost to your cpm ad revenue as well.

So in summary webmasters using WordPress should use “<!–nextpage–>”
tag when wanting to split up long blog posts. This tag should be added in the html text editor region. If you ad it in the visual editor you’ll just end up with “<!–nextpage–>” being displayed on your page.