Get Paid to Blog, We’re Hiring Bloggers

Paid Blogging

Paid Blogging

We are hiring bloggers now you can get paid to blog!

PageStat and it’s parent company Koenig Media, LLC are looking for a few talented bloggers to write articles.

Topic Areas We are Interested In

  • tech news
  • seo/sem
  • how to’s (how to do stuff)
  • domaining
  • webmaster stuff
  • tech gadgets
  • social networking stuff
  • programming
  • computer hardware & software
  • online business
  • other similar topics

There is no contract, we just ask that the articles be original and that they do not currently exist elsewhere online. We’ll verify this with copyscape for the first few articles.

If you are interested please submit your information to (info at Please be sure to include at least 5 links to articles along with your email, niche, and we will get in touch with you soon. All terms are negotiable.

Hope to hear from some of you soon. 🙂

5 Great Website Ideas

5 Great Website Ideas

Great Website Ideas

Here are 5 great website ideas I’ve thought up in the last few years, but haven’t had the time or resources to create.

1.) Social Network DoItAll
Social networking site that ties in twitter, facebook, digg, youtube, myspace, delicious, and other top social interactive sites into one account. The user creates one main account that then manages the sub accounts, any post made are then passed to the other sites.

Continue reading …

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge


Blogger Guy

Blogging a Real Recession Hedge? I see videos online where people are always talking about finding a hedge against recession.

Well I suggest you start a Blog. Don’t buy gold, because at 1,300 an oz its highly overpriced right now. If you want to buy a metal buy silver, but neither one of these 2 items will help you fight a recession/depression like blogging will. Continue reading …