Google #1 Result More Important than Ever

barking spiders

What is a barking spider?

Well becoming the #1 result in Google Search is more important than ever. Or at least more valuable than ever. As if people couldn’t tell what option is #1, Google has now added an arrow or triangle point out that item.

We were trying to look up barking spiders (because my wife had heard one when we were in the car the other day), and I found a new Google feature!

You can see in the image attached that the #1 item does indeed have a blue triangle next to it. This is the second large scale Google Search change in the last month or so, after the much talked about Google Suggest Everything on the fly.

Not sure what if anything it’s supposed to mean? I’m sure however that the #1 result with the triangle will get more clicks, or a larger click through rate than it did before.

Maybe this is an attempt by the search behemoth to increase the accuracy of it’s results. Maybe to many people were clicking #2, #3, #4, and so on. When what they really needed was on #1 just overlooked.

I’ve also noticed some advertisements getting the cool blue triangle as well. That seems a bit strange, but I really have no clue what the thing is for in the first place, so who am I to be  a judge of the situation.

Anyone have any input on this little change?

Will Google Take Over the World?

Google Domination

Google Domination

Will Google Take Over the World? With this question in mind I think about that movie Wall-E where everything is owned by a fictional company called Buy n Large. This company is more a parody of “Wall-Mart” obviously, but this level of dominance is the point in question.

In my opinion the simple answer is no. It’s an easy answer since it’s never happened. Now the fact that 75% of our internet searches and by proxy 75% of our questions are answered by Google does seem a bit alarming.
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Google Topeka April Fools

Google Topeka

Google Topeka

Google Topeka April Fools. Google has changed it’s name to Topeka on April 1st.  The logo (you can see on the left) is redone. The web address is still and they unfortunately did not purchase the domain and do a redirect (that would have been really funny) In fact is nothing but a blank white page, but i bet its getting hammered today with traffic.
All in all that’s pretty funny if you ask me, and it just shows the type of company that Google is.

Topeka Word Usage

Topeka Word Usage

According to a google ehe.. i mean Topeka blog post this chart to the left represents the proper usage of “Topeka”.

While the work “Topekad” doesn’t have the same ring as “Googled” it still is what it is.

So next time someone says hey have you google “blue widget”, please correct them and say something like “Don’t you mean topekad? Googled is so 2009”.

Great Cyber Wall of China

Google vs China

Google vs China

The Great Cyber Wall of China

You’ve all heard of the Great Wall of China right? Have any of you ever heard of the The Great cyber wall of China? If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you may have heard about the Google vs. China “problem”. China want’s Google in China to filter its results according to Chinese internet regulations or internet censorship rules. Google has recently refused to censor data and is attempting to move it’s data centers to Hong Kong. It’s a risky measure as the United States just finished selling billions of dollars in Weapons to Taiwan, a country that sites just off the coast of China. Continue reading …

Am I Banned from Google?

Am I Banned from Google

Banned from Google?

Am I Banned from Google?

It’s every SEO’s worst nightmare. Being banned from Google means a huge loss in internet search engine referral traffic. After all Google owns around 75% of all search engine traffic. With Bing and Yahoo snagging just a small piece of the pie. Continue reading …