Keyword Groupie Best New Free Keyword Utility

Keyword Groupie

Keyword Groupie

Keyword Groupie may just be the best new Free Keyword Utility on the planet. It offers some of the coolest new keyword analytical features that revolve around keyword grouping, and better hierarchical organization.

Keyword groupie has a 70’s hippie style marketing ploy that makes the app seem all that much more fun, and of course the coolest part is that it’s free. (at least for now it is)

Keyword Groupie displays all words in a domains keyword universe, and then breaks them down into a nice hierarchical expanding tables. The closest relative is “Google Keyword Tool”, when using it to find domain keywords.

It’s a great way to see what you have, what your competitors have, and what you need. The organizational scheme then makes it all that much easier to get that result you want.

We are playing around with Keyword Groupie, and so far we have to say that we love it.

Check out the video from youtube