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Looking for a great free sitemap generator? I was browsing some websites the other day and looking at their robots.txt files and many of them had a site map listed as, the .gz file extension is a Linux compression utility format. Since it’s compressed it means that the search engines can download the sitemap faster, and with the new Google Caffeine Algorithm update it is now more important than ever to make things load faster.

sitemap rep

sitemap rep

Most of the .xml.gz sitemaps are created using a freeware application called GSiteCrawler.

I’ve downloaded the app and used it and its very intuitive and works quite well. Did we mention that it was free? I mean how cool is that a powerful yet free sitemap generator.

The SEO benefits of having a sitemap are huge. It allows the bots crawl all your pages. It shows them every nook and cranny, and is a great way to have all your pages indexed by the search engines. Content is king right? Check out the video below.

What if any sitemap software are you using and how is it working for you?