Simple Search Engine Optimization

simple search engine optimization

Simple SEO

This is going to be the simplest search engine optimization article ever. No filler rhetoric. SEO is not a silver bullet, it’s just good form really. So here we go…

Make sure you have unique; title tags, description tags, and keyword tags for each page on your site.

Keywords should appear no more than 2x, and no less than 1x in the description tag.

If at all possible keywords should be included in either the base or page url, with spaces being replaced with either a – or _.

The END.

Simple Html Hit Counter

simple html hit counter

simple hit counter

There are some times when you need nothing more than a simple html hit counter. No fancy stats, large JavaScript footprint, or lengthy registration process.

The hit counter from PageStat is geared towards these types of situations.

Benefits include

  • lightweight 249 bytes (less than 1 byte)
  • fast loads in milliseconds
  • no registration required
  • click, copy, and paste…its that easy. Continue reading …