5 SEO Tips from Matt Cutts Sort Of

5 SEO Tips

5 SEO Tips

Here are our 5 SEO Tips from Matt Cutts

If you don’t know Matt Cutts you can pull this from the first few lines over at Wikipedia
“Matt Cutts works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.”

So he’s the seo guy for Google basically, im sure 95% of you know this, but there is a little note for the 5% that did not.

Well he’s given some useful tips, and we figured we would pick the top 5 or so that we think will help you in the near future. Since he’s very cryptic in the way he talks about certain subjects we’ve had to translate and compose this small list.

  1. When creating a url that mandates a space in the url try and use a – over the _ . Pretty simple really.
  2. He recommends using the <title> and description meta tag. Yet makes no mention of the keywords tag? (maybe keyword tags have no relevancy)
  3. Write, Post, Blog, or Creat Pages often to get more links
    Google likes link Diggs for the most part
  4. Reciprocal link exchanges are ok, but it is better to have one way links
  5. Don’t try to play the system and Google will not bother you