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Word of mouth marketing, now that sounds resource intensive. In a internet era rampant with with link farms, spam, and discount mexican horse viagra ads, buzzpromote.net’s concept is a breath of fresh air.

So word of mouth, one on one, hard work in order to reap the benefits of labor may sound like some alien concept, but in reality it’s the foundation on which this country was built upon. Values missing from this new generation raised on instant gratification and microwave dinners.

The only issue we see is that the quantification of  such efforts are hard to accurately measure. Assuming they can find a way to detail success then this company may be worth checking out.

We were contacted recently by a rep Vanessa, who was working on behalf of a sports therapy company. She was very polite, straight forward, and didn’t seem to be “copy and paste”/ “auto response’ish”.

Her customer is interested in promoting his products or services on one of our sites that is dedicated to running. We’ll post back any significant updates.  If you happen to contact them for some “word of mouth” marketing, please be sure to tell them we sent you.

There site can be found online at BuzzPromote.net Interested in generating a buzz to help promote your brand? Contact Buzz Promote @ 1-888-818-4967 or email vgoodfriend {at} buzzpromote.net

Best Google Keywords Tools

Google Keywords

Google Keywords

Here are a list of the best Google Keywords Tools that I have found around the internet. These tools will help you rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing by allowing you to choose proper traffic driving keywords for seo and sem.

Some of the utilities are free, some are mostly free (meaning either trial or limited free data access). Be sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends. OK here they are in no special order…

Keyword Tools

Those should keep you busy for awhile. That list above should give you all the keywords you need to properly ravage any search engine 🙂

Good luck and thanks for reading the list. I’ll try to update it regularly.

Simple Search Engine Optimization

simple search engine optimization

Simple SEO

This is going to be the simplest search engine optimization article ever. No filler rhetoric. SEO is not a silver bullet, it’s just good form really. So here we go…

Make sure you have unique; title tags, description tags, and keyword tags for each page on your site.

Keywords should appear no more than 2x, and no less than 1x in the description tag.

If at all possible keywords should be included in either the base or page url, with spaces being replaced with either a – or _.

The END.