101 Free SEO Tools

101 Free SEO Tools

101 SEO Tools

We just wanted to share some of our favorite free seo tools with our readers. It’s really hard to get ahead with out some sort of automated seo bot/utility that can dig and do some work for you. Some of these will overlap with the best google keyword tools post we made. You may want to read that as well.

Please bookmark this page and tell your friends about us. So here is our list along with a short description of each tool. Continue reading …

Simple Search Engine Optimization

simple search engine optimization

Simple SEO

This is going to be the simplest search engine optimization article ever. No filler rhetoric. SEO is not a silver bullet, it’s just good form really. So here we go…

Make sure you have unique; title tags, description tags, and keyword tags for each page on your site.

Keywords should appear no more than 2x, and no less than 1x in the description tag.

If at all possible keywords should be included in either the base or page url, with spaces being replaced with either a – or _.

The END.