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IP Scanner

IP Scanner

If you are into computers¬† or networking then there will come a time when you need to generate a list of all ip addresses within a range. For this we suggest using Angry IP Scanner to fully create a “range list”.

Angry IP Scanner is a utility that has been out for years, and more importantly it’s free. So if you are working on a budget or just wanting to mess around with the local network it’s great.

On most networks there are ranges that printers are set up in, ranges that servers are set up in, ranges that switches and routers are set up in, and ranges that the standard mac or pc computers are located in. Well give angry ip scanner a range say – and it will ping and resolve all ip’s and highlight the addresses that are active.

Once all ip addresses in that range have been successfully scanned it gives you the option to see any shares on each ip, or use telnet, an internet browser, and a few other options to connect with it.

If you are ever on a shared wireless network at a hotel or something this is a cool utility to see how many other computers are also on that insecure network.

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