IconBug.com 10,000+ Free Icons

IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons
IconBug 10,000+ Free Icons

IconBug.com is a huge resource of free icons for designers looking to get a leg up on the competition. The site contains some 10,000+ tagged icons that cover almost any and all subjects you can think of.

Some features we thought were cool

Image scaling: The site has every standard size icon for quick download so you don’t have to shrink the images yourself. Sizes include 256 x 256,128 x 128,64 x 64,48 x 48,32 x 32,24 x 24, and in some cases 512×512.

Icon Size

Icon Size

Image Size Filtering: Allows you to quickly filter by a certain image size using a little check box system on the right sidebar.

Icon Category Filtering: Common tags are displayed on the right. So lets say you search for social networking icons and then want to drill down to just the Facebook or Twitter icons. You would simply need to put a check box in either the twitter or Facebook box on the right and it would filter out all unwanted icons.

Search Features

Search Features

Robust Auto Search Suggest: The site also has a very clean and robust search page that not only allows you to search bu also provides hints as you are typing.

Share Your Icons: If you are an icon designer they have a great user feature that allows you to upload and manage your icon collection and even lets you provide a link back to your website. It’s a great way to promote your icons and it cost’s nothing. So that may be something you want to think about doing as a designer.

So in summary the site IconBug.com is a great little resource for people looking for fast and easy access to a large icon database.

The URL for those who are interested is


What the Internet Means to Business

Big Business

Big Business

If you were to tell someone 20 years ago that the average Joe would be able to one day compete with Wallmart, K-Mart, Target and any other retail giant on a item by item basis from the privacy of their own home you would most likely have ended up in the loony bin. No offense to those in the loony bin, I’d be there if they could just catch me. But anyway…

This is what the internet means internet brings.  It gives people like me and you direct access to the buyers, and it does it for free. Continue reading …

Acquirethisname Scam


Evil Scam

I put in an bid for a domain name that was parked, and the offer was turned down so I forgot about it and moved on. Months later i start getting emails from them again, asking me for a new offer on said domain. I had totally forgot why I even made the offer on the domain, so i started doing a little research on it and it turns out to be in one of my niches. While doing research on the domain I realized the owner had already let it drop. Continue reading …

Top 10 Signs Your Website is Failing

Website Failure

Website Failure

Here are the top 10 indicators that your website is failing.

  1. Even spammers won’t post in your blog!
  2. The only place your site is listed is in the wayback machine.
  3. You’re bounce rate is 110%
  4. You’ve made the front page of FailBlog.org
  5. Your email account associated with the site no longer wins the lottery, and foreign royalty no longer requires your assistance in transferring money. Continue reading …

Should You Be Using Dashes?

Using Dashes?

Using Dashes?

When picking out a premium domain name most people choose to exclude dashes and numbers.

We wanted to weigh in a on the topic and maybe get some feedback from our readers on what they think.

Webmasters often skip over domains with dashes because when people are typing the domain in they will almost always forget the dash. This means you are handing a large percentage of your return traffic over to some other domain owner. Continue reading …