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PageStat F.A.Q.'s

Why is my page not listed?

If your site is not listed just do a simple search for the site like you should be prompted to fill out a captcha form. Do that and the site should show up within 10 minutes or less.

Why does it take 10 minutes to analyze my site?

Well to tell you the truth we could do it within about 1 minute or less, but we are beta testing and don't want to overload the testing server. Later versions will have instant domain analysis.

Why isn't my site worth more money?

We are still tweaking the algorithm at the moment so we may be off, but for the most part the estimation of the sites worth should be fairly close plus or minus 10-20%. As the site grows and learns the algorithm will become even more accurate we hope to get down to a 5% plus or min variant.

How can i increase the value of my site?

Here are a few of the ways you can increase the value of your site?

All of the above will be somewhat related to increasing your traffic and thus your websites worth. A website with no visitors is really only worth the registration fee it cost to register it, while a site with hundreds of thousands of visitors a day is for going to be worth millions.

How do you get the keywords and ranking?

We use a company called SemRush they have fee based service that gives you as many keywords on as many website as you would like to pay for. That being said there fee scales are about as low as it gets when talking about organic and paid search engine rankings.

When will the final version of PageStat be released?

When we are certain the algo is near perfect, or at least more accurate than any of our competitors. This may take years.

How can I help?

Well tell your friends, visit the share page and share, tweet about us, digg us, favorite us, stumble us, follow us, and come back often.

How often do you update your stats?

We are planning to allow manual re-processing of domains on a bi-monthly basis. In other words if you want your site stats updated you can request them, but we will not update those sites that have not been requested. The purpose of manual refresh request is to save system resources. Imagine processing a three hundred thousand domain updates 2x a month. Just gives me a headache thinking about it.

I want to add a bunch of sites is there anyway to do this?

We are planning on offering a free api in the future. This api should allow users that have been signed up to enter their domain names and bypass the re-captcha.

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